AFA 10 Years: Animal’s story

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Who are your and what’s your skatername? 

Stephan van Eeten – Animal

What’s the origin of your derbyname? 

I’m an Animal on track!

How can we recognize you on the Roller Derby track? (bout makeup, playstyle, signature move, outfit etc)

Signature move: ducking (getting low)

Why do you think Roller Derby is awesome?


When were you active with AFA? 

2012 untill 2015 (I think ?)

Animal, a male Jammer from team black is passing Blockers from team white during a scrimmage

I’m an Animal on track! outside of games I like to give training.

What was AFA like back then? 

A fun gang of skaters who really wanted to play competitions and at one point they did.

What role(s) have you played in AFA or Roller Derby in general?

At AFA mainly a trainer. I have also been on many committees with 4 different teams over the past 10 years, but outside of games I like to give training.

A roller derby team does a group hug after a game

We played against the number 2 in the world and we miraculously beat them!!

What is your most memorable AFA/Roller Derby moment?

At AFA the 5 year anniversary party was a lot of fun!! And in general, the USA tour in 2019 of my team the Manneken Beasts where we played 2 tournaments, played 6 games in 2 weekends 4 wins. 1 of the lost games was against the number 1 (St. Louis Gatekeepers) in the world ?? so that was ok!

We also played against the number 2 (Portland Bridgetown Menace) in the world there and miraculously we beat them!!

Do you have any tips for new players?

Have fun!!

Do you want to say something in the context of AFA 10 years?

I’m getting old!!

2 roller derby players train together